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"Mari brings the embodied wisdom of her diverse dance lineage to each class​ she teaches. She creates a nurturing environment that invites students to dig deeply and inquisitively into their practice. She seamlessly infuses technique into creative choreography while encouraging self expression, discovery, and spontaneity. Her deep respect for her teachers, her students, and her collaborators is apparent in all her creations."

Kristen DeAmicis

Berkeley, CA


1-1 dance training based in Silvestre Technique, Pilates, and functional anatomy. Designed specifically for you to assist you in achieving your movement goals

The Silvestre Dance Technique

 Brazilian Modern Dance


Class is accompanied by live music and features internalization, center work, movement across the floor, and choreography.


Regardless of prior experience, this technique offers a way to develop, evolve, and discover our potential as we move.


Developed by Rosangela Silvestre, Silvestre Technique blends modern dance with african brazilian symbolism to condition the body, mind, and spirit for dance.

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