Your Top 5 Wedding Dance Questions, Answered

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1. When should we start working on our wedding dance?

I suggest getting started approximately 3-4 months out from your wedding date. This is true for the choreographing and practicing phase. If you are starting group or private lessons to get well versed in particular dance style(s), it's never too early. Plus it's super bonding and an excellent to counter balance the stress of wedding planning. I've found that it's ideal to finish creating a rehearsing your dance about a month before your big day. Then let it settle into your body, and make sure to have at least one focussed rehearsal, on your own or with your teacher, shortly before your wedding to make sure it's fresh.

2. We're total dance beginners. Can we still have a beautiful wedding dance?

ABSO-FREAKIN-LUTELY! I know, we've all seen our share of dreadfully stiff first dances. As a choreographer and dance teacher I focus on essential dance skills such as presence, connection, and expression in addition to form and technique in order to prepare you to actually dance on your wedding day. There is a lot of power and beauty in simplicity and gesture. If you're a beginner, we can keep the movements simple and meaningful so that you can be at ease and focus on what's really important; your partner and this epic moment in your life.

3. How long is it going to take for us to create and practice a wedding dance that we love?

It usually takes about 10 studio hours. That's 5 rehearsals at 2hrs/each. During this time you'll learn new dance styles if needed. We'll choreograph your dance to be meaningful to you and embody the descriptive words you identified earlier on in your process; (ie fun, sweet, passionate, funky... ). As we work, you'll be well coached to support you & your dance to shine.

4. We don't want to do the traditional lead/follow roles. Is there a work around for us?

Yes!! I LOVE helping couples create meaningful & impactful first dances that have little or no need for traditional partner dancing. I approach a first dance as a duet, which simply means two people dancing together. Anything is possible. It all depends what you are wanting to show or express with your dance. If one person isn't keen on dancing, or is differently abled, this is all fine too. There is so much we can create with the inspiration of you and your love story.

5. How long should our dance be?

This is such a common question because of the extreme relativity of time. A 3 minute dance may sound like a short amount of time, but it's juuuust right. It's a reasonable amount of time for you to learn a choreography for, and it's a great amount of time for your guests to watch. It's not too short, and it's not so long that they start to get bored, even if they adore you. Anything from 2-5 minutes is reasonable. If you want a 5 minute dance it will take longer to create, and will need some dynamic ~ a change in music, tempo, or style.

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