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            Like me, you feel that your wedding dance should be an extention of your vows and a celebration of your unique chemistry as a couple. You want your first dance to be spectacular, as well as honestly you!


            The process for my couples is fun, creative, and keeps you remembering why you're marrying each other in the first place! We begin with a sweet questionare about your relationship, personalities, and your love story; as well as your hopes and fears for your dance. I support and facilitate your dance dreams coming to life, and guide you through any new dance terrain that feels daunting. 

     We meet as many times as you like. During rehearsals I develop a custom choreography that tells your story and highlights your strengths as a mover. Rehearsals are 1.5 hours and are a mixture between dance lesson and choreography creation. 

       A wedding is an extraordinarily special time in your life to focus on loving each other, and sharing that love with your friends and family.  If you want your wedding dance to be the opposite of boring and awkward - i.e. meaningful, memorable, epic, extraordinary, untraditional, and a true reflection of you and your bu, Im thrilled to work together!


      I have over a decade of experience teaching, performing, and choreographing dance with people of all ages and skill levels. I understand how to translate the complexities of dance performance so that even beginners can become confident and captivating dancers.

My movement background includes extensive study in Hip Hop, Salsa, Samba, Tango, Blues, Afro-Haitian,  Congolese,  Brazilian, American & Cuban Modern, Classical Ballet, Central Asian Dance, and many more.  My teaching, choreography, and dance expression are all informed by over 20 years in world class training and experience As a choreographer I love to draw outside the lines, and to make dances that inspire more feeling and connection in the world. 

      The first "mating dance" I ever choreographed was for my own wedding day. Leading up to our wedding. My future husband and I had been nicknamed the monkey and the swan.  We decided to run with that theme for our first dance, creating a passionate, playful, elegant, and theatrical duet. I began working with others when a number of engaged couples were referred to me through the studio where I was teaching. I instantly fell in love with the process. It fills me up to be able to make couples so happy, and to know everyone at their wedding is uplifted by the gift of a deeply meaningful and delightfully entertaining first dance. 

    I love the beautiful PNW and am happy to live in Portland, Oregon with my husband and our young daughter. 

* Mari Scharf *  
The Mating Dance Maker