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Movement Training for Embodiment
Expression & Balance

Mari Rose Movement

       Mariana Rose Thorn (Mari) is a mother, dance artist, choreographer, and diverse movement teacher. She is a certified instructor of the Silvestre Dance Technique and Pilates. Mari brings to her work decades of experience studying with master teachers and teaching in Bahia, Brazil and the San Francisco Bay Area. She has performed with Ballet Afsaneh and Alayo Dance companies in San Francisco, and is a current company member with Rejoice! Diaspora Dance Theatre in Portland.

        Mari's teaching is rooted in Somatics, Pilates, Ballet, Haitian, Persian, Cuban Modern, and Afro Brazilian Popular, Folkloric, and Modern traditions. Mari has found her gift in creating sacred space for students to encounter their expressive essence. She works privately with couples creating meaningful wedding dances as The Mating Dance Maker. Her group classes are a powerful experience in connection; both within one's self, as well as together in community. She is an expert at engaging movers of all ages, backgrounds, and skill levels; lovingly guiding them back to embodied movement.

"Mari brings the embodied wisdom of her diverse dance lineage to each class​ she teaches. She creates a nurturing environment that invites students to dig deeply and inquisitively into their practice. She seamlessly infuses technique into creative choreography while encouraging self expression, discovery, and spontaneity. Her deep respect for her teachers, her students, and her collaborators is apparent in all her creations."


Kristen DeAmicis  

"I'm so grateful to Mari for providing a dance environment that is nurturing and empowering. Through her workshops I've developed strong female friendships, and a deeper level of understanding and trust in myself "


Hope McManus  

"Dancing with Mari inspires fluidity, strength, freedom, playfulness, subtlety, beauty. Her movement facilitation invites curiosity, authentic expression, and grace. Dancing with her has stirred a deep embodied wisdom that integrates how I move in the world ." 

Rose Rothfeder

"I love dancing with Mari! She leads without judgement and creates an inclusive community environment. Mari embodies expression, creativity, and playfulness. I push myself to stretch and take risks in her class. She has helped me grow as a dancer and as a person."

Kat Wentworth

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